Welcome to the Olympic Torch Relay Journey of Craig Wallace.

Craig was selected as an olympic torch bearer for the Beijing 2008 Olympics on its journey through the National Capital – Canberra, it’s only stop in Australia.

The day was captured on film, photos and the newspaper and this blog is a collection of all of these pictures thoughts and memories of the Day.

Come and see the real thing

Torchee, Torchee, GO GO GO!

Thanks to all

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You can view all of our pictures in the Flickr Gallery on the right hand side of the page and we have also got some videos on the site as well.

It really was a once in a lifetime experience as you’ll soon see.

Enjoy – Craig.

This Blog was designed by Threesides.  Todd photographed and filmed Craigs journey and also managed to get the Chinese spectators chanting and singing songs about craig.  There’s nothing he can’t do!  All the proceeds from this blog were donated back to Craigs friend Trevor to help him fight his spinal injury.  We hope you can help too.